Dear Sangha members, Patrons, Family and Friends:

Sampa Lhundrumpma Statue at Orgyen Choling in Tularosa, NM

Sampa Lhundrumpma Statue at Orgyen Choling in Tularosa, NM

Thanks to your ongoing generous contributions and support, the work to fulfill Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche’s vision for the centers in New Mexico has continued apace. Since our last update back in May, we were able to complete a much-needed resealing of the Dorje Drollo Stupa in Zuni in its entirety, and also erect the 2,400 sq. ft. main puja hall at Orgyen Choling in Tularosa next to the Sampa Lhundrupma Temple.

Those of you who joined us for the official consecration of the Horsok Madok Guru Rinpoche statue to repel armies and warfare back in June already had an opportunity to practice in the spacious brand new hall. The event was marked by three days of Sampa Lhundrupma practice as well as the offering of Troma Tsok and a Fire Puja from the Khandro Tuktik cycle of HH Dudjom Rinpoche. The consecration concluded with the remarkable Pema Lingpa sacred terma dances offered by the students from Dungsey Rinpoche’s White Lotus School in Delhi, NY as well as other ritual celebrations.

(You can view video and photos of the event by following Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche on Facebook.)

More recently, over the labor day weekend, some of you generously contributed your time and resources to help start the next phase of the project: the building of a Mani wall next to the “Secret Temple to Avert Obstacles and Fulfill All Wishes”. Volunteers carved over one hundred of Rinpoche’s Mani stones over the three day weekend. Those of you who joined us for this event also had an opportunity to experience first-hand the inconceivable blessings from joining Rinpoche in daily morning and evening practice.

As we look at the state of the world these days and the accelerating succession of environmental and geopolitical disturbances as well as the escalating general suffering and anxiety all around us, it becomes ever more clear that we are way past ordinary solutions to the extraordinary challenges facing humanity in these corrupt evil times of the Kali Yuga.

Fortunately, we have been blessed by an enlightened master who comes from a stainless wisdom tradition whose founder, the second Buddha of our era, Padmasambhava, already foresaw these calamities and hid secret teachings to avert the seemingly insurmountable obstacles we now face.

As Rinpoche keeps reminding us, Chogyur Lingpa’s Sampa Lhundrupma Treasure Teachings are THE practice for this time of extreme turbulence. So first, all of us with a connection to Rinpoche should remember to continue supporting Rinpoche’s enlightened activities by reciting these prayers often, and daily if at all possible for the benefit of all parent sentient beings.

Similarly, we want to request your continued financial support and personal involvement to Rinpoche’s project in Tularosa. We are making a shout out for those of you who wish to share in the stewardship to ensure that we complete Rinpoche’s full vision as quickly as possible.

As you know, we have made great progress in a relatively short period of time, but it is no longer a secret that we are running out of time and our collective energies and resources are needed right now.

Time is of the essence. As Rinpoche has shared with us in recent years, we have entered the historical time when only Dharma practice and activities will bring any benefit to us personally and the world at large.

As we have many ongoing projects that require funding, we have come up with a number of ways you can support Rinpoche’s vision for activities.


Our most pressing priority this fall is installing an extensive underground irrigation system to support the planting of trees, bushes, shrubs and gardens. It is our endeavor to create friendly ecosystems to support the life and well-being of all beings and to create areas where visitors can find refuge.

The infrastructure of the water system will be in place for our further projects of a pond, a bath and shower house, toilets and future cabins for Rinpoche and other dignitary guests.

Funds are needed now for the trees, bushes, and the irrigation infrastructure to support their timely planting and quick growth.

We are looking at planting shade trees, trees for wind block, fruit and nut trees, flowering shrubs and aromatics. Rinpoche has also requested the planting of medicinal plants form India and Bhutan as well for the making of medicine.

Goal: 108 Trees 108 bushes and shrubs at $111,
Suggested Minimum Contribution per Tree: $333. This will cover the purchase, soil amendments and irrigation for each tree.


As mentioned, the next phase of the Temple, involves building a Mani wall that will contain many thousands of Rinpoche’s blessings-filled, hand-drawn Mani stones. Rinpoche has always promoted Chenrezig practice both by writing tens to thousands of Manis and by always reciting the Mani mantra, and cites the great 19th Century master Patrul Rinpoche’s encouragement of such activity as being immensely beneficial for giving physical form to mantras, which can last hundreds of years and bring great personal and environmental benefit.

We will continue to hold Mani Carving retreats at Orgyen Choling on an ongoing basis and encourage you to join us in the future. In the meantime, please consider sponsoring as many of these Mani stones as you are able so that Rinpoche can continue painting the stones that we will all subsequently carve.

Goal: 10,000 stones
Suggested Minimum Contribution per Stone: $108. This will also help to build the foundation for the Mani’s and a porch like roof to protect them and provide shade.


Rinpoche explained that it is not enough to build the temple and statue. It is also necessary that the Sampa Lhundrupma prayers be recited continuously within the temple. So our resident Lama Thupten has vowed to practice at the Temple until he dies! We can support him and the ongoing operational costs of running Orgyen Choling by sponsoring his daily prayers.

If you or your loved ones are encountering specific obstacles in their lives, an extremely effective way to remove these obstacles is by sponsoring these prayers. You can indicate the name of the person for whose benefit they are being requested.

One Time Daily Recitation of entire 7 Chapter Sampa Lhundrupma Prayers: $108

Of course any contribution you can make at this time, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated, and we have many other projects that require funding. Below you will see a list of these projects and their estimated cost. You are welcome to sponsor a project in its entirety or find patrons for individual projects.

As you consider your own contribution or contemplate seeking patrons from among your friends and acquaintances, we urge to remember the example set by our own precious teacher who, emulating the great itinerant masters of old, has devoted his entire life to living simply and humbly and who immediately offers all his personal possessions to the Dharma in order to bring all parent sentient beings to the state of true and permanent happiness.

We should also reflect how we ordinary beings endeavor with great effort and energy to accumulate wealth only to squander it on trivial sense objects that at best offer vanishing dream-like pleasures and at worst will serve as the cause for our future suffering.

Indeed, we should aspire to gain unshakable confidence that the greatest investment any of us can make or encourage others to make, especially in these times of extreme uncertainty and degeneration, is by financially supporting the pure Dharma activities from this flawless wisdom lineage.

Checks can be mailed to Vairotsana Foundation of New Mexico C/O Matthew Bowers, 5 Calle La Morada, Pena Blanca, NM 87041. You can call 505-506-7584 with any questions.