Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling, The Gathering Place of the Dakinis

Zuni Mountain Stupa


Consecrated in 2009, this stupa is the vision of the Venerable Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, under whose guidance it was built by Vairotsana Foundation New Mexico, a Tibetan Buddhist sangha in the Nyingma tradition. Situated on a high mountain meadow on the retreat land known as Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling, The Gathering Place of the Dakinis, it is a quiet place of peace and refuge, a place for meditation, practice, and retreat during the visiting season May through October. Please visit our Events & Retreats Schedule page for information about upcoming meditation retreats with our teachers and community.

For more information: http://www.zunimountainstupa.org/

Physical Address:

Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling
Zuni Mountain Stupa

2062 Zuni Canyon Road
Grants, New Mexico 87020

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The Zuni Mountain Stupa, in the Zuni Mountains of northern New Mexico, is a Tibetan Buddhist temple built in the style of Dudul Chörten, meaning one which “subdues negative forces”. This stupa was built with intention to help pacify the cycles of ignorance and violence present in the world, and to broadcast beneficial conditions for the establishment of peace and well-being.